Kabbalistic Grimoire Studies Series

Kabbalistic Grimoire Studies Series

Vol 1: The Secret Grimoire of Turiel.
Vol 2: The Black Pullet.  Sold Out
Vol 3: Ars Nortoria: Magical Art.  Sold Out
Vol 4: The Grand Grimoire.  Sold Out
Vol 5: Hebrew Talismanic Magic.  Sold Out
Vol 6: Book of Abra-Melin (condensed).  Sold Out
Vol 7: History of Dr. John Faustus.  Sold Out

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Secret Grimoire of Turiel - KG.V1

Translated from the Latin version of 1518, this famous grimoire is well illustrated with the sigils, signs and symbols of medieval Magic. Holmes Publishing Group; 3rd Revised edition, 2006. 39 pp. ISBN-13: 978-1558182332.

The Black Pullet - KG.V02

THE BLACK PULLET: The Hen with the Golden Eggs; Being The Science of Magical Talismans: A Grimoire compiled by Darcy Kuntz. Holmes Pub Group, 1998. ISBN-13: 978-1558183531.

Hebrew Talismanic Magic - KG.V5

Containing magical articles written by Frederick Hockley, H.S. Redgrove, and F.L. Gardner. Holmes Pub Group, 2001. ISBN-13: 978-1558183744.